Thank you to the many folks who have shared kind words about the blog! Here are a few favorites that made me smile:

“Thank you for writing your blog. Reading [Dear Future Partner (Calling All Submissives)] helped me understand one of my own experiences: I’d never been willing to admit that being humiliated by a woman is arousing. I finally got up the courage, and it was amazingly intense. Overwhelming and awesome. And afterwards, I felt terrible. I thought, ‘I don’t think I ever want to do this again.’

Reading your blog helped me figure out why. The woman didn’t, as you say, nurture me back to neutral. Not that she was mean or anything, but I needed emotional support and didn’t get it. It seems blindingly obvious in retrospect, but [I] did not get it until now.

So, thanks.” – W.L.

“[We] adore your blog! It’s about time someone grabbed sexuality by the horns, and you’ve done such a thing incredibly well.” – Anonymous couple

“Just read your blog, thought it was going to be trash [to be honest]. But it was blunt and honest… really phenomenal.” – Anonymous

“You’re an excellent ambassador of perversion… I can’t remember the specific posts I read on your blog, but I definitely read your ‘About Me‘ section. You were open, honest, and, I sensed empathy in your writing. It’s also easier to trust someone with kinky information who wants to be a therapist specializing in sexuality… I continued reading your blog, and felt like I got to know you pretty well. You’re really no different in person. Your blog is you.” – M.P.

“I ended up checking out your blog and found myself reading it for ages. I was raised in a house with a pretty large stigma on sex or any other “personal” topics so it was really interesting to read about these topics from a new point of view.

I was also really interested (and impressed) at how you used a medium like Tinder/OKCupid [I Added A Kinky Dating Application to My OkCupid Profile. Here’s What Happened.] in order to gather personal info about people with a unique sense of anonymity…I enjoy your blog and complete openness within your writing on it. I’ll definitely be following it in the coming months.” – Anonymous

“I really should be thanking you. This is all uncharted territory for me. But after reading your blog and seeing how relatively openly you live, I felt this one-sided intimacy toward you and thought you might be able to help. I also felt inspired by/jealous of how you’ve grabbed life by the horns and haven’t been slapped down by society for doing so.” – Alex

“I often read your blog and I really enjoy it. I read your last blog post about incest fantasies and while I am personally not into them myself I really appreciated the mature and logical way you covered the topic. I similarly think there is no such thing as a thought crime, and so long as everyone is able to fully consent for the duration of whatever happens, why not?

I don’t come across that perspective often, and I felt compelled to say something. You’re doing an awesome job, and I love your work. Keep it up!” – Jimmy C.

“Wow – this particular blog post [20 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I First Started Dating: An Open Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self] is rather tremendous in its sound advice to not only young couples, but old ones … if we could all be as open and honest with not only our partners but ourselves, this world would be one Hell of a better, less violent, more loving place.” – Caroline W.

“…tastefully written; I think [your blog] takes sex and makes it approachable for a larger audience– congrats!” – Anonymous

“I got addicted to your writing and the topics you choose to write about. There isn’t a post I haven’t read. You either have me cracking up laughing, thankful that I read something that I never gave much thought about, or horrified that someone I’ve never met has somehow weaseled themselves into my brain to steal my exact thoughts.” – D.R.

“Your attitude is amazing.” – Anonymous

“I loved your most recent blog post about the slut-shaming turkey lady…The difference between the amount and the source of ones self respect is an interesting dynamic that I think many people struggle to understand. I find that because [my partner] and I have been in a relationship for so long…I have had to mentally challenge myself to try and understand why I value myself; is it based on how my partner thinks of me like when I was young? Or has that changed as I’ve become more aware of where that value comes from? I have thought a lot about this over the years. I wanted to feel more independent as a person, but somehow not be independent from my relationship to my partner. After all, that is a partnership that I was not and never have been interested in ending. I basically wanted to know that I could be alone, I just chose not to be.

Sorry if that became a bit of a ramble…These sorts of thoughts have been floating around in my head for a few years and I appreciate reading your posts; they allow me to critically think about the themes in the context of my own life and then make my floaty thoughts become more concrete. So thank you!” – Anonymous

“I do so enjoy reading your postings–and learn so much about what I didn’t know sixty years ago.” – Jim

“A lot of wisdom in that blog of yours.” – Al

“This was a completely alien viewpoint to me, which is why I think you’re so awesome… I couldn’t agree more with your opinion about the taboo nature of sex, and I greatly admire your courage to engage in frank discourse about the subject.” – Steven

“Since I saw your post [20 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I First Started Dating: An Open Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self], I’ve been reading your blog. As well as being insightful and touching, it’s also extremely well-written and speaks directly to the reader. Great job.” – Anonymous

“[Y]our blog post [Why My Mom Thinks I’m a Nymphomaniac] is dope! The journey of practicing total authenticity with yourself and others???? That’s so rare! I’m on that same journey! I feel like the raw honesty you talk about is critically important for me to be the person I aspire to be and to help others in the way I want to. So shouts out to you again! That’s so great!” – Anonymous

“Wanted to tell you that I appreciate your blog. That kind of authenticity is very rare and should be cherished. I imagine we wouldn’t be a good fit [for dating] but I figured that was worth sharing.” – Anonymous

“I found your article [What Makes a Man Pathetic?] fascinating…just wanted to let you know…the fact a woman is openly searching for [a female-led relationship] gives me some encouragement for the future.” – D.S.

“I checked out your blog (okay, I still am) and I’m impressed, almost intimidated, by your intelligent and insightful writing. The personality, ideas and preferences you reflect are thought provoking and, specifically the female domination related bits, arousing to read about.” – Anonymous

“Of all the disturbing essays I’ve read on your webpage, there’s just one thing I have to know… Do you swallow?” – Mom