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Being the Change You Want to See in the Bedroom (a.k.a. Philly Sex Conference and Toy Shop!)

This past weekend, a friend and I attended the 8th Annual Careers in Sexuality Conference at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. Although the event was geared largely toward aspiring sex educators, there was so much insight to absorb on a general level. Besides, two of the presenters wore dog collars. Dog collars! How cool is that?!


Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation?

“It’s no use, he sees her / he starts to shake and cough / Just like the old man in / that book by Nabokov.”

When I first drafted this piece, I’d had a conversation on the phone app, Whisper, earlier in the day with a fool who argued that homosexuality and pedophilia were essentially the same thing, and that I should not “be mad” because he or she “could have mentioned bestiality” as an additional comparison. Although every respondent to the contributor’s initial post offered support for homosexuality and denounced pedophilia, I have to wonder why, in this day and age, anyone could possibly compare any consensual adult sexual interest to pedophilia. I was also curious how much the general public truly understood about pedophiles, so I did some research.