My First G-Spot Orgasm

A friend was fingering me the other day and evoked from my body an orgasm like none I have ever felt before. It was through explaining my experience to another friend that I learned that I’d had my first g-spot orgasm — or, at least, my first one strong enough to get my attention.

My partner and I discovered this pleasure on accident. I perched my gently shivering vibrator against my clitoris, as usual, but instead of the standard external fingering I prefer, my partner and I took advantage of the convenient receptiveness that my vagina presented that afternoon to spelunk inside me.

My vagina nearly swallowed my partner’s finger whole.

He began slowly and cautiously rubbing my upper wall with his middle finger, and my body guided him to where I needed him to be.

He then began to rub more vigorously than we have ever done before. He arched his finger and began tickling my g-spot as it brushed by, and before I knew it, WHOOOOSH. An orgasm snuck in. But, it was a sensation I didn’t recognize. Instead of the gradual build-up before a clitoral orgasm, I didn’t have any warning. There was no escalation. It was, “Hey, this feels great. Hey, what are you doing? Hey, I JUST CAAAAAAAAME.”

My orgasm was different, for sure. I came much more quickly than I usually do, and instead of the usual waves of pleasure that my standard orgasms bring, this was like one steady stream. It lasted only a few seconds but was more intense than my typical clitoral orgasms. It reminded me of one swift gulp of something delicious, where you get merely a glimpse of rich pleasure, rather than smaller bites of a tasty something else where the first bite is incredible and the others are subsequently less awesome.

It made me cry, too, in a good way. My body had been overwhelmed by the sensation and needed a little extra help processing what had just happened. (Good thing I love crying.)

 If you’re wondering if g-spot orgasms are worth the hype, that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

As I’ve shared before, finding your g-spot (or a partner’s g-spot) may seem daunting to folks who haven’t before. My g-spot is about two-and-a-half inches deep in my vagina, located right behind my pubic bone. It feels like a thumb-sized oval of skin with ruffled potato chip ridges, only everything is soft and pliable, and if you push up, it gives a floaty, needing to pee sensation.

Do you have a preference of g-spot orgasms over clitoral ones?

5 thoughts on “My First G-Spot Orgasm

  1. Hello. Ladies I just had my first G spot orgasm and it was so crazy that I had to search on the internet for it. I never even believed in g spot , only oral . ITS REAL LADIES! I didn’t even know what happened but I knew something happened. This happened 3 days ago and I just been thinking about it none stop . So today I decided to do some research from the internet (and friends) It was just like she said “hey that feels good , wow I just caaaaammmmmeeeee”. It felt like my whole body was a gushers candy and I was getting massaged and then I exploded? Idk how to explain . But I feel awakened


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