Dear Future Partner (Calling All Submissives)

In public, you are witty and cunning, but around women, you crumble inside. You fear being found out as a fraud, a coward, and anything less than a “real man”. You drive me wild, yet you have no clue why I would even give you the time of day.

You want me to tear your down to your raw, core emotions, then nurture you back to neutrality. You bear ample emotional baggage and need someone who loves your vulnerability as much as your strength.

You want to experience emotional extremes, not just physical ones, within the sheltered safety of our bedroom.

You secretly crave a female-led relationship. You want to be taught how to satisfy my needs. You want to be sexually dominated and humiliated regularly, but with the love of a trusted partner. You have had these fantasies for many years, maybe even going back to early adolescence, but you have always held that part of yourself back from romantic partners.

You are embarrassed to ask to be degraded.

You know you are a freak, terrified of being rejected as one, but that makes you even sexier to me. Your inexperience makes you vulnerable, and vulnerable is how you want to stay when you are with me because you’re confident that I can guide you and channel your passion. You know your limits and voice them as freely as I do. You want me to bring you to new highs and new lows, and I can’t wait to lead us both along our journey.

I adore your bravery to explore this forbidden side of yourself. It takes gargantuan strength to entrust your sexual and mental health in another person, and I truly respect you for it. In life, we are equals, but in bed, you want to give up all of your power to me. Taking power is easy, but for someone to give it up in our power-hungry society is an enormous test of will. You are going against what society constantly demands of you, but swimming against the current has never been hotter for either of us.

My hunt for you begins today.

Now that I know exactly which of my needs must to be satisfied for me to feel fulfilled in a sexual, intimate relationship, I am going to be blunt, upfront, and will not waste my time with potential suitors whose kinks do not mesh with mine.

I know what I want, just not whom. Yet.

6 thoughts on “Dear Future Partner (Calling All Submissives)

  1. Dear future partner. You have just described me, so entirely spookily accurately, that I have bookmarked this page. And I mean, bookmarks are so 2003.


  2. Heh. Age difference aside, I’m afraid I’m a little too alpha to qualify. The balance of power can — and should — shift as occasion and desire demands, but I like doing things just as much as being done to. XD

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