Foot Fetishism Part 2: Selling My Shoes to Men Online

On a lark, I listed some dirty, old shoes on eBay last summer. Years ago, my collection of shoes hit the 130 mark, and I just don’t have the room (or energy) to love and appreciate most of them anymore. I had heard that it’s possible to make hundreds of bucks on eBay selling used shoes to fetishists, so I figured, hey, why not give it a whirl. I artfully crafted a few listings and crossed my fingers. I mean, I love shoes, shoe fetishists love shoes… boom, instant camaraderie and cash. After all, we’d be looking out for each others’ best interests in a sorta-kinda-almost perverted mutualism, right?

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

I wanted to make a few bucks, and they wanted to get off as soon as possible, then make a break for it before any dollars actually changed hands. That’s not to say I didn’t make a friend or two; I did. A few men were delightful, respectful, and genuinely pleasant. The rest of them, however, were either a rude-aggressive or rude-flighty flavor. In the end, my naiveté to trust that strangers would do the right thing is what doomed my fate.

I was surprised how much fun it was to talk with a number of these men.

The ones who ended up being the best conversation partners were those who felt guilty or secretive about their desires and were not obtrusive. Generally, those were the most submissive fellows. As a rule of thumb, shoe fetishists tend to err on the submissive side. Unfortunately for me, though, many of the submissive men who reached out ended up being more of the “topping from the bottom” type who quickly became annoying.

For a while, I enjoyed asking my customers personal questions so that I could better understand their desires. I told them I was an aspiring therapist and huge sex nerd, and that I thought their interest was really cool. I asked if they had other interests as well (they always did) and how they first noticed they were delighted by treasures lurking south of the ankle. Many of the questions I asked them are the same as those found here on my sexual interest survey. Almost all the men were eager to tell me about themselves and their interests. Unfortunately, though, they were significantly less generous with their wallets.

With the exception of a few truly charming conversation partners, about three quarters of the men who contacted me were sneaky little shits.

I received chat-speak demands to send pictures of myself from men who claimed they wanted to “prove” I was actually female — because that’s super legit, don’t ya know. Clearly these men were unfamiliar with how Google Images works. I also received a couple of unsolicited photographs, which was both creepy and impolite. Some of the men were single, but others were dating or married to women who knew nothing of how much time and money their signifiant others were sinking into this pleasure. One man even (disgustingly) bragged of his success cheating on his wife with younger women because their sex life had become “unfulfilling”. In the end, he surprised me by being one of the only people to actually pay for something.

Another man begged me to allow him to be my financial slave but was stupid enough to put in writing, multiple times, that he intended to use his company’s bank accounts to fund his sexual enterprises with me. In the end, he chickened out before I received anything, but not before picking my brain for cross dressing advice.

False promises flew like wild. Men would promise me financial compensation above what I was asking, if I would only show them what I looked like or fulfill other pushy demands they had. Some wanted me to describe my feet in a sexual manner, while others wanted to be verbally degraded. A few just wanted to get a rise out of me. They’d be repeat customers, they said. They’d be very, very generous, they said. Bullllllllshit. I never heard from any of them again.

My worst experience taught me just how far these men would go for a cheap (read: free) thrill.

One customer sent me an inquiry about a particular pair of sandals and agreed to pay my asking price, as long as I wore the shoes inside of plastic bags for a few days to increase the potency of their odor. I agreed and got to work. He then asked if I’d consider taking a very specific photoshoot of my feet to recreate a YouTube fetish video he adored, for additional money. I sent him more than 60 beautiful photos and let him know that the sandals were ready to be shipped as soon as possible.

That’s where I screwed up, sending him those damn pictures in good faith. After telling me how “hard” the pictures made his “salami” (ick), he then offered a measly $20 extra for me to wear these sandals all day and night for an entire month. I politely declined his outrageous request and asked to continue with the original agreement. In response, he promptly cancelled the entire deal, called me “delusional”, and disappeared. I lost no money but was enraged by his callous arrogance and disappointed that I had been so foolish as to give him high quality, custom photographs for free. I felt as if he stole them, the shyster.

Luckily, there were a couple notable gold stars in the bunch.

My favorite experience was with a nineteen year old kid who asked for toenail clippings to eat and sweaty shoe insoles to use to make tea. He was respectful as could be, thrilled that I had even responded to his initial message. Although he failed to ever buy what he said he would (two pairs of tennis shoes and some socks — I vetoed the toenail request), he was funny, cheerful, grateful, and would have made a wonderful friend. I enjoyed talking with him so much that I even gave him my phone number so that we could continue our daily chatter over text messages. We connected on an emotional level, and I valued the time and energy I put into our short-lived friendship. I would love to meet him in person some day and catch up over coffee.

My other fondest experience was the month-long conversation I had with an older gentleman. He was a loquacious storyteller with an impressive memory, describing for me down to the last minute detail how his interest in feet started as a young adolescent, entranced by the behavior of a gorgeous, assertive, twenty-something woman with whom he briefly interacted in a convenience store one hot summer. He was also desperately seeking advice about repairing his intimate relationship with his wife, which he felt guilty about threatening when he selfishly, a few years back, bought her some lingerie which he enjoyed but that offended her. He loved and cared for her, and he gave me as wide a view as he could into both of their emotional mindsets. From an academic standpoint, it was fascinating.

In the end, I’m glad I had these experiences because I learned valuable lessons.

If all of the men who contacted me had been polite and not of the bam-slam-thank-you-ma’am mindset, I would be more eager to re-enter that arena. If you’re a foot boy buying shoes from women, please be considerate and pay her for her time. If, of the other hand, you’re a person looking to get into selling shoes to fetishists, this is a situation where you’ll be, most likely, working very hard for relatively little money. Repeat buyers are probably your best bet for saving time and energy, but they can be hard to find. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. The internet is flooded with liars and cheats.


13 thoughts on “Foot Fetishism Part 2: Selling My Shoes to Men Online

  1. I have a footfetish,i dont’t think there’s anything wrong with it id rather lick a womans foot than someone’s areshole.Lol i was always obessed with why i had one,one day my mother invited a long time friend over and said remember him how small he was (i was like 2 or three) how you use to ride him on your foot and he use to get a little hard on.I was like 16 and in the car at the time and embarrased as hell but, shruged it off when she said “i thought he’d a foot fetish”!Lol little did she know.There’s bigger weirdos out there than me and mostly everone with one can have normal sex as i alway’s do ,but as far as buying used anything to get off is just wow.I got through here with google and foot fetish news and ebay was talking about foot fetish and used shoes how money was being made I’m not that bad lol!Footfetism has alot of dif fetishes aswell in the name giantess crushing all that shit seen em all and went what th fuck. we all have are little deep dark secrets as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone its ll good 🙂


  2. I too found that some foot fetishists are basically bullys. It surprised how a seemingly docile fetish could produce such a compelling obsession that even an educated man with respectable position in life could quickly turn into a twisted, dark fiend when I politely declined his aggressive advances.


      1. The most ostentatious foot fetish experience:
        After meeting a man through social media, messaging back and forth including texting for a week, he a software engineer for a reputable company with common real life friends, I agreed to meet him for a drink. Our communication had been fun, intelligent exchanges with some hints of flirtation. He was well educated, communicated regularly with his family, athletic as he frequently boasted about his triathlons and seemed reasonably charming. The conversations were engaging rather than one sided and he liked full figured ladies such as myself.

        We both had other social commitments to attend so it was a great option for a first meeting as it could be easily cut short. We were out on a patio, I dressed in cocktail attire including 4in heels and he dressed nicely in a blazer, button up and dark wash jeans. He was pleasant in public and all things were as I anticipated from our texts and phone calls. He was complimentary and a gentleman. Standing outside in high heels for any length of time is not very comfortable, so in the midst of conversation I casually removed a heel and flexed my foot laying a hand on his arm. His disposition immediately changed. At the same time, a table opened up and we sat. He begin to stare at my feet in heels and hose rather than my face or even my bosom as I was accustomed. He began to comment on how nice my ankles were, how my toes had “cleavage” above the tips of the heels and how pretty my foot looked when I removed the offending heel. He began to place his hands on my thigh and rub my knee. As he had arrived and had a drink or two before my joining him, I blew it off to liquor confidence and asked him nicely to please keep his hands to himself. He apologized and changed the subject but before too long traveled back to the topic of my shoes and feet once again. At this point I joking asked if he had a bit of a foot fetish. The flood gates opened up at this point and he began telling all manner of things he would like to do to me and more importantly my feet. He then nervously asked if I thought he was weird. It was different but we all have our something. I asked him questions purely out of curiosity. He seemed eager to share more about this desire of his. As he spoke, the hands began to become more aggressive and I politely removed his hand from my inner thigh a couple of times. I wasn’t willing to cut him off just yet as I truly believe I am open minded and understanding that we all have an inner kink, it’s just figuring out who to share and experience them with. Among kinks, this didn’t seem so bad. After all, I love shoes and hose and pedicures too. It seemed like kitten play. I told him as such as long as he kept his mitts off. He apologized again but seemed pleased that I didn’t cut him off. Again with my curiosity getting the best of me, we continued discussing his interest and his hands remained safely under the table and away from me. After a few minutes I began to notice he was breathing hard. Surely not? At first I didn’t believe it, but then it was confirmed by deeper breathing. He was masturbating. At the table. While talking to me! Not wishing to make a scene, I asked him to please stop or I would leave. He then began to get upset. He became accusatory that I was a tease and wouldn’t allow him to touch me but this is what we “women do”, we “get the man excited and refuse their advances” then get offended at the idea of him taking care of himself. I am a very polite person and at that said thank you and that I needed to leave. He grabbed my arm as I tried to stand up. I asked him to please let me go. His grip tightened and I tried to pull my arm away. I told him to let me go or I would have to result to hitting him and calling security. I once again pulled my arm and he let go. At this point, no one on the busy patio seemed to notice. However when I grabbed my beaded bag and began to walk towards the parking lot, he stood and started hurling insults at me. He called me a barrage of colorful words, insulting my intelligence and my appearance. The last I heard him yell was I was lucky and that I should turn back before I would lose my chance with him because it isn’t every day that a woman like me would have a chance with a man like him. He lifted his shirt to show his abs as further proof of what I was missing out on. My phone continued to buzz for a couple of hours with calls and nasty texts from him. Then finally, blissful silence until the next morning where he said, “hey babe, are you getting a pedicure today?”

        By accident, I’ve ran into a couple of others since ab-man but knew to be more assertive in cutting the behavior off. It isn’t anything to do with the fetish itself even as some of it seemed kind of sweet. What girl wouldn’t want foot massages and to be treated to a pedicure? It was the insistently rude behavior of each of the three or four foot fiends that I’ve bumped into. I’ve met other fetishists who seem to have self control. While this certainly can’t be true of all fetishists, where is the line and how frequent is this sort of behavior among foot fetishists?


        1. No worries! Super long replies are great, and thank you so much for sharing your story!

          Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that that guy turned out to be a total creep!! Shame on him for sexually battering, assaulting, and harassing you, and good for you for standing your ground. ❤
          For him to blame you, the victim, and generalize his misogyny was unacceptable, and that's disgusting that he then projected his own sense of rejection on you. Clearly, he has not learned how to act like an adult or treat women respectfully.

          As an aspiring sex therapist, I know how guys can sometimes assume consent for sexual behavior from a conversation which was intended by the other person to be purely academic. (This kind of misunderstanding happens a lllllll the time to me, and it confuses and scares me nearly every time.)

          My fetish selling experiences have been rather limited (a few pairs of shoes, a few pairs of underwear), but it started out from me wanting to learn more about how the interests operate. Among both the submissive as well as the few dominant men, there was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response when I would ask them to tell me more about their interests. They seemed explosively eager to talk, as I get the sense most of them don't talk about this stuff with real-life people in their lives for fear of rejection.

          Foot fetishism is significantly more common among submissive rather than dominant men, though dominant men can for sure have the fetish as well. My guess is that, for the male fetishists who are more abrasive in-person, they genuinely don't understand why their behavior is reprehensible, they may not understand that a conversation partner is not giving consent for anything more, they may be concerned about being sexually undesirable as a result of their non-normative (though totally healthy, in most cases) sexual interests. Like you, I get that we all have kinks, and that that's awesome! However, although I wish more of us were open-minded about other peoples' kinks, more importantly, I wish people understood the crucial need for consent with ANY sexualized behavior. As you suggested, this isn't a problem with fetishes, themselves; it's a problem with the person's unconsensually aggressive behavior.


          1. Wise words. Yes, as you pointed out the need for consent is important and as I am learning, my polite nature is often railroaded by the more dominant party. Just because my response is not laden with foul language, doesn’t make the answer any less a decline. I am not the type to smile and be agreeable if it is something I don’t really want. However, because my “no” is usually accompanied by a smile, the other party tends to not hear it the first time. So I am more cautious with who I decide to spend my time with and do a lot of vetting prior to meeting in person if it is an online connection.

            I look forward to reading future posts and your studies of the mind and sexual desires. It is fascinating to me!


            1. Exactly, and kudos to you a second time for holding your ground. I wish people understood that everyone *always* has the right to say no.

              Thanks muchly! Sexuality has always fascinated me as well, and I look forward to following your articulate journey of self-discovery on your blog, too 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reaching out! I love talking about my experiences selling shoes, even if I only kept the gig going for one summer. Fair warning, if you’re just in it for money, it’s probably not worth the frustration, but if you’re looking to learn more about how these fetishes work and what makes these guys tick, it can be an extremely entertaining hobby. Plus, the buyers seem to appreciate sellers who are genuinely interested in hearing their experiences and about their specific interests. If you would like to know more, I’d be happy to lend some tips! I only sold on eBay, and their administrators can be rather fascist with certain fetish items.


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