You Love Gays, Just Not When You Can See Them

My alma mater has a week every April set aside to celebrate our LGBTQ students and raise awareness to the fact that, yes, they do exist. The event is widely celebrated, particularly for the day when hundreds of free “Gay? Fine by Me.” shirts are given out. I had to wait two years to get my hands on one; that’s how high the demand is. They’re a treasured commodity. After all, what’s college without a few politically active t-shirts?

Imagine my surprise when I got wind of huge protests via social media against this year’s events. Some people are tweeting that they’ll switch schools if the festivities commence as planned. Others have threatened legal action over their allegedly infringed religious rights. Those individuals have kindly been reminded that attendance and participation are voluntary.

There was also a tweet from a woman saying, “Love my gays but let’s nottttt make this a thing”. Translation: I don’t want you to yell at me for sounding like a privileged bigot, but being gay is icky.

I’m uncertain if that tweeter was a freshman who just wasn’t aware that the festivities have been “a thing” at the university for years, but knowing that the gals, too, are expressing discomfort over non-heteronormative awareness sadly demonstrates that gender insecurity still isn’t just for adolescent boys desperately hellbent on overcompensating for their own perceived masculine inadequacies.

But for real, y’all, it’s just one week; the homophobes still have the other 51. Calm down, and kindly get out of the way for the rest of us who do want to celebrate.

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