What Is Foot Fetishism?

Believe it or not, feet are the most common fetish.

As with other fetishes, most of its population is male — like, upwards of 90% — but a small percentage of foot fetishists do identify as female.

It is also common for foot fetishists to have other fetishes (for objects like shoes, toenail polish, hosiery, etc.) or sexual preferences (for behaviors like submission, domination, crossdressing, etc.) alongside their interests in feet.

What I find especially nifty is that the portion of our brains responsible for foot stimulation is directly next to the one for genital stimulation, which is one reason feet can become especially sensitive during sexual arousal. It is possible that this might contribute to some instances of foot fetishism, but I have my doubts that it would encourage a desire for other people’s feet. The sex bias would likely be less skewed, too.

A misunderstanding about foot fetishists is that they are attracted to all feet.

They aren’t. Foot fetishists attracted to men will likely hold a preference for men’s feet, as will those attracted to women for women’s feet.

An exception to this trend sometimes occurs when the fetish overlaps with another sexual interest. For example, a person with an interest in submission may find appeal in worshipping a foot belonging to someone of a sex to which they are not attracted, as a means of humiliation, degradation, or punishment.

Other differentiating foot traits often include hairiness or hairlessness, painted or unpainted toenails, odor, sweatiness, cleanliness, size, width, texture, presence of specific types of shoes, stepping on objects (the gas pedal in a car, types of food), and stepping on or kicking other people’s body parts. I imagine there are many other appealing modifiers as well.

As with most other consensual, adult sexual interests, foot fetishism is generally harmless. As long as you aren’t bothered by the interest, and it doesn’t keep you from going about your daily life, rock on!


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