That Time I Went to a Nude Beach

The phrase “nude beach” to the average Joe Schmoe might conjure up mental images of Playboy bunnies with tan, glistening skin, romping around in the surf with bulbous-bellied, hairy-backed European dudes. In retrospect, I had no idea what to expect the first time I encountered a nude beach at the ripe age of 17. Naked is naked, right?

I was on a winter vacation in Hawaii with my parents, eager to distract myself from the daunting emotional stress of my brother’s recent and impromptu death.

Smack dab in the center of the kitchen table of the house we rented was a hand-written guidebook, thoughtfully conjured up by one of the locals.

My parents remarked in amusement that a few select nude beaches were listed among the other “must see” attractions.

Imagine my surprise and delight when my parents —ย My parents! —ย  asked if I’d be interested in exploring one.

“Sure,” I replied, in an unenthusiastic tone, so as not to let on to my budding sexual curiosity. I mean, how many American teenagers would pass up an in-person opportunity to visit a real nude beach?

A few days later, off we went.

The beach was buried below a cliff, conveniently out of view from any roads. Though, the cars parked along the road’s edge suggested that this hidden gem was a more well-known attraction than I’d thought.

As we approached the cliff, my dad casually reminded me that, again, this was a nude beach, and I might see some curious sights. It was fine if I looked around, and if I was uncomfortable, it was also fine not to look around. Only then did it occur to meย that my parents might not have known that I had ever seen male genitalia on anyone other than my kid brother, back when he and I were young enough to be bathed together. I grinned, thinking back to my basement couch fumblings with old boyfriends during my prior high school years. I was quite familiar with how guy bodies tended to look, and I was pretty sure I knew what to expect from gal bodies, so I wasn’t anticipating anything extraordinary on this random beach.

So, down the cliff we went.

When we finally arrived on the beach, I was surprised at how few people there were, relative to the vast allotment of land.

Most of the people had come in pairs or groups, but there were a few solitary beachgoers, too. All in all, there were fewer than 20 or so people on the entire beach, us included. The pseudo-solitude was grand.

My eyes first struck a couple of older, male yogins relishing the copious sunlight. These fellas were easily in their 70s or 80s, naked as the days they were born, gloriously tan all over, and as flexible as pre-chewed gum. Had I been on a vacation with friends rather than my parents (and a little older than I was at the time), I would’ve asked to join them. They just looked so… zen.

I tried not to be rude by spending more than a glance or two per person, but I was pretty curious. The human form is a magnificent sight, after all.

The few women who were present tended to be topless but wore bikini bottoms.

However, most of the visitors were male.

A couple young fathers wore shorts, in contrast with the bare-bottomed youngsters accompanying them. A group of young adults who all looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s were the most expressively joyous of the lot, running back and forth from surf to sand with no mind to their many flopping body parts — particularly the man whose penis kept thwapping the backs of his legs, a sight which I found to be only slightly more striking than the awkwardly bouncing schlongage of my male peers jumping rope in gym class.

Speaking of downtown business, I also remember an elderly gentleman with a testicle (just one — dunno where the other went) the size of a swollen grapefruit. I’m not sure what medical mumbo jumbo lead to that sort of condition, but I hope he’s living comfortably today. I’m immensely jealous that he has an A+ excuse to never, ever wear pants.

Although my parents and I kept our bathing suits on because we’re not really a “naked” sort of household, I’d love to one day — hopefully sooner rather than later — visit another nude beach. Next time, though, I’ll go with lovers or friends and actually follow the dress code.

In the meantime, maybe I think I’ll look into naked yoga instead…

39 thoughts on “That Time I Went to a Nude Beach

  1. During the 70’s I went to many nude beaches. The first time was in the “Big Sur”. It was a gorgeous beach that was cut off on one side by a rock formation. At the time me and my partner shared this wide, beautiful expanse with perhaps four, or five others. Sometime later there was a line of older tourists walking through, ogling, which we all ignored, but I suspect secretly found amusing.

    Back in Brooklyn, NY there is a beach known as RiiS Park. In the 70’s, their Beach #2, was a clothing optional beach where I spent much time. It was usually well populated. My best day there was when a lovely woman came up to me and picked me up. It is interesting to get picked up when you’re nude. My worst day there was when I swam out to a sandbar, around three hundred feet out and on the way back started drowning. My companion that day was the girlfriend of a good friend. Luckily she was a far better swimmer than I and dragged me back to shore. Nude beaches are wonderful and especially because there is something wonderful about going into the surf nude. The feeling of it is free and exquisite, providing to don’t go out beyond your swimming capabilities.


      1. Maybe you might try buying or making one of those loin clothes. I have one that way I can be feel naked while not totally naked in front of those that might not understand my lifestyle.


      2. Naked yoga is great way of going nude.You feel rejuvenated, more so if you have a partner doing those nude rounds.
        I do nude yoga as part of my routine as also nude workout. My foreskin has to be pulled back as it keeps coming often.

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          1. Yeah! When I cant do it as I am in a particular nude pose it is done by my female instructor.
            Pressure on lower part of the body especially the ass and frontal part moves my foreskin.

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          2. I belong to a “hot yoga” class where the temperature is a steady 90 degrees. Typically everyone is self absorbed but I become self conscious when my own perspiration makes my yoga pants cling to my paper thin bottoms. In actuality, nothing can be seen but the feeling of my clothes creeping in and out of crevices is interesting, to say the least while watching the young girl in front of me does nothing for my zen.

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            1. I tried yoga once in my younger years (when things were more flexible) and found that the clothes worn for the activity was a bit tight and awkward to move in (being male). So, I tryed yoga again (not in a group) but at home and in the nude where I found it to be so much more freeing of movement and body parts were free to move without restriction which I must say was a liberating experience.


        1. Braless is fantastic. As for thongs, I’m guessing by your question that you have never worn one. They’re like sitting on a cheese slicer wire made of fabric. I don’t find them comfortable, generally. Too much asshole chafing. I haven’t worn one in years.

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          1. Yeah, I have not worn one.I prefer being nude than to wear one.Moreover, I dont have big ass to flaunt.Better to flaunt my complete nudity.


          2. I hope o one objects to your boobs bouncing when braless.Another great thing would be topless if you are comfortable in your settings.


          3. LOL asshole chaffeing. Back when I did wear underware I wore thongs and that was the last time ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I just let everything hang free and natural, like that fact I don’t have anything in the crack of my ass.


              1. By the way? I find your commentary rather exciting and well you know have to take matters into my own hand and well….you understand ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’ll sometimes have a cook out in the back yard. When I had the house with the pool we’d invite friends over and everyone would strip and swim, lay out in the sun and have a great day. Hope to have another house w/ pool in the near future as I LOVE swimming naked just nothing else like it on the planet.

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  2. Nudity isn’t for everyone, I loved it the very first time I stripped down and took my first skinny dip feeling the cool water engulfing my body and then while laying on a huge bolder letting the sun and breeze dry my naked body.

    We are comfortable when clothed looking at other body parts that we see on people everyday of our lives, ie: arms, legs, necks, eyes, lips, ears etc. When it comes to the parts that are covered 99.9% of the time and they are then bared for all to see, those parts then become a novelty, same parts you’ve always had ……. just nothing covering them up from the rest of the world.

    I’m very comfortable with my body even when I was in my twenties and more so now that I’m decades older. The feeling of swimming without restrictive clothing is a freedom many men and women will never know. I laugh my ass off when I’m at a nude beach and the ones that choose not to strip are pulling and tugging at their swim suits pulling out of every crack and crevice on their body’s.

    I remember my first time that I got nude at a clothes optional land based club, there were a lot of people their (you could tell they had been coming to this place for a long while) they all knew each other by name. I wondered around with my shirt and shorts on for a while and then I began to feel a tad uncomfortable realizing I was the odd man out being the only one with clothes on. So I wondered out by the pool and there were a lot of people out there many playing water volleyball in the pool and some young girl pulled her sun glass’s down on her nose looked me up and down then said ” If your going to stay a while you might as well get naked, join the rest of us and be comfortable ….hun”. So with that I took her advise and stripped down and low and behold people quit staring at me, lol.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and your topics.

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    1. I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my blog posts so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you muchly for your input!!

      Aw, that’s a charming story about your first time being nude in public. It’s funny how we can stand out sometimes by what we are (or are not) wearing based solely on social context.

      I’m excited to some day have the opportunity of skinny dipping for the first time and actually being nude on a nude beach. Visiting a clothes-optional land-based club like the one you described sounds enjoyable as well.

      I agree with your remark about the novelty of body parts increasing with exposure. What an astute observation! It’s amazing how much less self conscious and sexualized we feel once everything is out in the open.

      Good for you for setting aside time to enjoy nudism. When you attend nude beaches, do you often find that other people do choose to remain clothed rather than bare it all?


      1. I haven’t frequented nude beach’s a lot so my answer may not be worth a thin dime. However, the ones that I have attended it seems like the “ole’ timers” (those that have and are comfortable stripping in front of others) and you can usually tell who they are when they arrive, have a brief look around and off comes the clothes as apposed to the maybe the younger set or someone “not sure about it all”, you can read on their face “should I or shouldn’t I”. Its kinda cute watching them.


          1. Yep, those young ladies, (the ones thinkin they all that and a bag of chips with swim wear on) that whole senerio changes when they think they gonna join the older folks and show all dat skin. lmao just thinking about it.


    1. Hmm, good question. My mom frequently walks around naked when she’s getting dressed, but my dad hasn’t been naked in my presence since I was a young child. As much as I consider myself a budding nudist, I still do sometimes have trouble separating nakedness from the socially ingrained sexual context, and that might’ve made the experience a tad awkward. But, I probably could have adjusted fairly quickly. It was an open, freeing setting with a few other nude and semi-nude families.


      1. I’m in much the same boat. I’ve tried to force myself to be comfortable with nudity in front of my parents. My mom has seen plenty of my art nudes and has seen me naked in person while visiting me. We also went to the nudist resort that I visited, so I saw her naked as well. I even went without clothes while I was at home during a visit to try to “force” my comfort with the whole thing. None of this helped me get any more comfortable with her seeing me naked, so I’ve gone back to being covered around her.

        My dad has seen me naked during locker room situations (and by twice stumbling across some personal and modeling pictures I had left out), but even this just feels creepy to me. I don’t know why, it shouldn’t, but nudity that involves my parents just does not feel right.

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        1. Exactly. The awkwardness seems like it would evaporate, yet when it doesn’t, we end up reverting back to what’s comfortable. I wish that wasn’t the case, but for me personally, there’s not enough to be gained to make the initial hurdle of awkwardness worthwhile.


          1. Like I’ve said before, Being nude in front of others isn’t for everybody no matter how much you may think you would love it, if there is a hint of reservation then keep your clothes on or wear that bikini.


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