Male Genital Mutilation: Why Unconsensual Circumcision Sucks

As a fellow sex-positivist, one of my best friends recently introduced me to Laci Green‘s stash of YouTubery. Not only is her work AWESOME, but this video in particular speaks to me.

I’ve never been one to put much thought into the pros and cons of foreskin, so color me shocked to learn that a lot of people are offended to see it, at the expense of a pretty cool piece of skin. I mean, protecting the delicate penis head, being loaded with nerve endings, and producing self-lubrication? So cool!!

In utero, fetuses start off bi-potential, with many of the same bits and pieces. Female development is the default, but later on, if male hormones are present and received in the proper locations, the fetus begins to grow male private parts. As a result, some of what’s between our legs may look and feel similar among differing sexes.

In this case, the foreskin has much in common with the clitoral hood. As a woman who can hardly imagine what it would be like to not have a clitoral hood protecting its bounty — or to have a knife anywhere down south — I will never be disappointed if a lover’s penis remains intact with its original foreskin. And, if I breed, I’m not chopping off parts my darling babies’ genitals. If they don’t want foreskin, that’s their choice to make when they’re old enough to consent. To hell with social norms.

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