New Year’s Resolutions: Why Being Naked Is Great

I’m not usually into New Year’s resolutions because, y’know, introverts don’t tend to need Hallmark holidays to trigger introspection. But this year, in the spirit of a healthy body and a healthy mind, I have two…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Be more naked.

Have you ever met people who spend substantial time relaxing totally naked, yet hate their own bodies?

Me either.

As much as I loved sharing a bedroom with a roommate, the years in college where I had a private bedroom were my favorites. Not only was I loving my classes and my apartmentmates, but I was also able to be naked any time, any day I chose, thanks to my glorious bedroom door.

Before college, I was uncomfortable looking at my own naked body. I would apologize to boyfriends when I went a day without shaving my legs, and I would sooner have died than let any boy see my stubbly armpits. I was anxious about my peely, bumpy, sometimes reddish, dry skin. I resented that my ribs stick out. I was always nervous that my breasts were too small.

Midway through college, I learned that I loved lounging naked with the gentleman friend I was dating at the time. That’s not to say that I wanted to have sexytime constantly (that’d be exhausting), but rather that I enjoyed platonic-yet-emotionally-intimate relaxation time in the buff with him. I mean, we would hang out, literally just letting it all hang out.

Senior year, I announced to my roommates that I was taking advantage of my absence of end-of-week classes to indulge myself in a weekly holiday I later termed “Naked Friday”.

And it was just that! Every Friday, I would spend as much of the day as possible in my room without clothes, watching Netflix, reading, or otherwise enjoying my time alone — and of course eating my favorite local delivery pizza. The times when I had to venture out into the living room, kitchen, or bathroom, I would wear only a fleece blanket, fashioned like a towel or toga. And you know what? I loved it. I lived for it. Friday was my favorite day of the week. It was my day to relax, to unwind, and to relish the softness and warmth of the blankets in my room on my bare skin.

Now, I love my body. All of it. I use jojoba oil to smooth my skin when it’s especially dry and rub on lotion after showers. Past that, my skin is what it is, and that’s fine by me. I trim my body hair but rarely shave anywhere anymore, and I like it that way. Shaving takes time and energy that I’d much rather spend doing just about anything else. For my breasteses, I learned how to find a bra that actually fit (more on that in a later post) and how to sew the bands smaller on the ones that didn’t. I have a really, really small ribcage, so bras have never had enough grip to give me decent oomph. That’s now solved. And for braless times (i.e. most of the time), my tatas are an average proportion for my body size. No lovers have ever complained, and if they did, I would have no problem at this point in my life dumping their asses right then and there. As for my ribs, they’re there. My body has decided to store the majority of its fat around my butt and thighs, and when I gain or lose weight, I only see the changes south of the equator. Until I have a major weight gain, I doubt my ribs won’t be noticeable. And that’s okay. That’s just how I’m built.

Nowadays, things are looking up. As soon as I move out of my parents’ house, I’m going to devote a solid portion of my week to spend time at home. Au naturale. And it will be glorious!

New Year’s Resolution #2: Floss more.

…because it sucks having bloody gums when the dentist cleans my teeth.

Sooooo I’m excited to see what the new year holds, and I’d love to hear what self-improvement and self-love you have in store for the upcoming months! 🙂

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Why Being Naked Is Great

      1. Well hey, maybe if timing is everything (and I’m sure that it is) maybe one day I can escort you to a nude beach or nude activity to allow you the opportunity to explore the finer thing in life called public nudity or just sit on a private beach with our clothes on and look at one another and say….I’ll do it if you do it lol. Until then I’ll just “Leave the light for ya”.


          1. Your most welcome. it will be interesting to watch your facial expressions first time you slide outta your pants and underwear (if you wear them…..I don’t) to expose your parts to others around us. First time is always the hardest ….it was for me and i’m guessing alot of it is not the normal thing (according to the rest of the world of textiles) to do. But I am certain of one thing and that is you will be like a kid in a candy store finding this new freedom. I’ll have to start sending you congrats on “Fridays” so when you decide to eat pizza, do your writing and rap up in a blanket like a toga to enjoy your day…..rock on gurl!! stay nude and enjoy!!


            1. After streaking my college quad campus with my roommates at the time, I don’t think public nudity would phase me that much, particularly in a setting with fellow sunbathers. And I wish I could still do Naked Fridays! Those concluded during my final college year. Unfortunately, my workplace allows neither for blankets-as-togas nor working from home, so I’m stuck wearing normal clothes for the majority of 5+ days each week.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Ahhh yes, I’d forgotten about your streaking the campus lol, which I could of been there. No, don’t think after doing the streak public nudity would be of any great surprise for you. As far as your “Naked Friday” its a shame you can’t do that any longer but hey like they say there is always something greater waiting around the corner maybe better one never knows. As always, great taking with you.


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